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  • GPA Calculator | Advising | University of Southern Maine

    Are you looking for a grade calculator to calculate your grade? To use a note calculator, you can use our simple method to calculate the weighted calculation for grades and percentages. You can also learn what you need to achieve in the final to get the desired score.

    Instructions for calculator
    You can use the note calculator for two reasons:

    Setting Grade Grade with GPA Calculator
    Decide how close you are to your ideal final grade
    Calculate 1st Degree
    Review your curriculum that your professor has either posted online or given the first day of the class. Your scoring system will always be on one of the pages. They call you your grading scale and are worth every work.
    Edit course name
    Enter the rating type and enter the grade (% or letter).
    Enter% weight for each evaluation
    Repeat this class for all classes and that's it! It's easy!
    Grade Calculator Step 1 - Enter Grade

    Pro tip: It should be noted that it is important that you keep all the classified by the end of the work session as professors are human and your notes can enter the system incorrectly.

    2. Calculate the final grade
    Grade 2 Calculator - Final grade

    Enter the desired grade for the course
    Enter the final grade (%) (i.e. the final value is%).
    Grade Calculator gives you the final examination grade in%.
    It's easy to do. Let us know if you know how to make this calculator more useful. If you have your GPA Or if you are interested in calculating high school GPA, please go to the GPA for more information. Look at the calculator. Read our GPA guide to learn more about how to calculate your GPA.

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